So, last day at Debconf. And I've got sick. Bah. That's what I get for not sleeping enough. Too many late night saunas (well, only 2, so perhaps not enough?). It's been good to put some more faces to names, and also to see the people I met for the first time last year again! I'm not quite sure I was as productive at hacking on stuff as I was last year, but then that's never the main point in these things for me. I did manage to get CACert assured while here and can now assure other people which is cool. JD will no doubt laugh at me for this. Plus I've been pointed at some groovy looking GnuPG compatible smartcards which I'll have to look into more closely. Is it wrong to see them and immediately wonder about whether the code is available and if the key size can be upped?

My flight's too damn early tomorrow morning, so I think I'll be spending the night in the airport. Less hassle than getting 2 or 3 hours sleep and waking everyone else in the room up when I'm getting ready to go.

Oh, and Robot101 rocks.