As I write this I’m sitting in tiny Air Wales twin propellered plane, going from Norwich to Dublin. Possibly the smallest plane I’ve ever been in - only 4 seats wide. Much more civilised than having to travel to Stansted to fly back to my parents’ though.

Went to see TFM in Oxford over the weekend; it was good to see him again - we’re very bad about keeping in touch. Bizarrely ended up playing Doom the Boardgame (and staying up until 4am doing so). This has caused me to install prboom again with the aim of completing Doom 2 - when it came out my machine wasn’t fast enough to cope after the 5th level or so.

Out last night in Cambridge; Monday pizza followed by the Live and Let Live with Debian folk. Finally gave Steve back his pliers and a WMA11B - told him he had to help me convince Vince to get mainline kernel support for it. It’s the only device lacking IPv6 support on my home network as present. Ended up walking back to the car with tbm and discussing his PhD; he seems to be focussing on release management now and I’ll be interested to know what conclusions he comes up with. Oh, and Nattie decided my shoes needed to smell of apple and melon and spilt her drink over them.