So, let’s try this blogging lark. I’ll at least start writing stuff and if in time I think I’ve written anything interesting then I’ll look at sticking it up.

Today I got accused of regarding Debian’s founding principles with contempt. mjg59 stepped in to protect my honour and said “Given all he’s done for Debian at various points”, which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, but makes me wonder what good I have done Debian. I’m a keen supporter of it and try to recommend it whenever I can; I admin a buttload of machines (both personal and business) that use it, but how does that really help the project? I’ve been finding our inability to release quite depressing, but I can’t figure out what I should be doing to help us forward. It’s not like any of my packages are critical or holding things up. I don’t have the appropriate knowledge to help out on the infrastructure holdups. Or maybe this is the wrong attitude? Maybe I should be diving headfirst into the archive code and seeing if I can come with some neat stuff that helps us? I don’t know. There just aren’t enough hours in the day really.