Ginger Broccoli

Paul M taught me this recipe; I expect it's been invented about a zillion times over, but he's the one who told me how to do it. I adapted it slightly to use no added oil. The ginger must be cooked longer than you might expect, since we are cooking it in water rather than oil.

Serves 2

1. Heat a small nonstick saucepan, then add the seeds and toast over a low heat, shaking occasionally, until browned but not burnt. Set aside.

2. Cut the broccoli into small bitesize pieces, keeping a 2cm (3/4 inch) long stem on each piece (you don't want to waste too much stem, but you don't want separate pieces of just stem).

3. Heat water in the pan then boil the broccoli until softened to liking. Drain, reserving the water.

4. Heat 1 cm (1/2 inch) reserved broccoli water in the pan and add the stock powder. Add the ginger and simmer briskly for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding a little more broccoli water as needed. Aim to end up with very little water.

5. Return the broccoli and the toasted seeds to the pan and heat through over a low heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to coat the broccoli with the flavours.

6. Serve hot, cold or at room temperature, with noodles or rice and another vegetable or a tofu dish.


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