Still The First Web Page of Kake L Pugh, Albeit at a New Home and Changed Beyond All Recognition

Hello. I'm Kake. I do a lot of things, some of which are listed below.
The Past and Present of Croydon's London Road
A series of articles about London Road, Croydon, taking one address at a time and looking at the present and historical uses of the buildings.
The Randomness Guide to London
A wiki-based, geographically-aware guide to nice things in London. I wrote a large amount of the software that this guide runs on. See also our blog.
Croydon in the 2010s
A historical record of central Croydon retail and other businesses during the 2010s.
My Flickr account
Photos; some of them good, some of them not. Some are of food, some are of Tube stations, and some are of things I just liked.
I like mapping. I made a map of London bookshops, and a map of totally vegetarian restaurants and cafes in London.
Croyd'n Stuff
I live in Croydon. I like it. I write about it on Twitter.
Plastic-Free July in Croydon
Plastic-Free July is an international challenge to give up single-use plastic during the month of July. I took up this challenge in July 2014, and blogged about it from a local perspective.
A Tumblr blog of interesting things I come across. Now retired, but the old posts are still there.
Delicious Kake Food
A Tumblr blog of the things I cook at home. Somewhat dormant at the moment.
Reading Chinese menus
I taught myself to read Chinese menus, and blogged about it on Dreamwidth, with posts rotating between concepts, characters, and dishes. I'm no longer actively blogging on this, but the posts remain up if you're interested.
Discworld MUD (text-based MMORPG)
A multiplayer online game based on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. It's completely free to play — no subscription fees, no pay-to-advance, no money accepted at all. I've been a player here since 2004 and a creator (programmer) since 2005.
Kake's (Vegan) Cookery Site
This was one of the first things I ever put on the interweb, sixteen years ago. It's now got over a hundred vegan recipes, all thoroughly tested. Simple stuff rather than complex.
The Vegan Guide to Oxford
Another long-standing project of mine, this is well over a decade old. It started out as plain static HTML, and now runs on the same software as the London guide mentioned above. It's mostly dormant, since I moved away from Oxford a good while ago, but people won't let me take it down because they still find it useful. (Please note that this means a lot of the information is out of date.)
And this is the software in question.
You can email me at I like getting email. If I don't reply after a few weeks, poke me again. I like getting reminders. If I want you to stop pestering me (very unlikely) then I will explicitly tell you so.