Creamy Tomato Soup

Recipe slightly adapted from The Vegan Cookbook by Alan Wakeman and Gordon Baskerville. This comes out best if you have a blender; if not, then a wire sieve will do almost as well. Soya milk with added calcium is less likely to curdle.

Serves 1

1. Chop the spring onion/onion/celery and garlic if using. Do it very finely if you are using the sieve rather than the blender.

2. Blender method: Put everything into the blender and puree. Pour into a pan.

2. Sieve method: Push the tomatoes through a wire sieve into a pan. Add the soya milk, chopped vegetables, spices and seasoning.

3. Both methods: heat through very gently. Don't let it boil or the soya milk will curdle. Serve very hot with a sprinkling of parsley if liked.


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