Chocolate Almond Crunchies

Adapted slightly from Delia Smith's How to Cook, Book One. I love this recipe. I try to keep all the ingredients about in the house, since sometimes friends will come round and demand cookies. There are plenty of vegan dark chocolate brands out there; in the UK, they include Lindt 70% dark and Maya Gold. For the sugar, I am told that in the US a lot of sugars are refined over bone charcoal - this isn't the case in the UK, but I don't know about other countries.

Makes 14-18 cookies

Put the margarine, sugar and Golden Syrup into a pan and melt together over low heat until the sugar crystals have dissolved.

Meanwhile, sift the flour and salt into a bowl; then mix in the oats, and 3/4 of the chocolate and almonds (reserving some of each for the topping). When the margarine mixture is ready, add it to the bowl and mix well, adding just a few drops of water if the mixture seems too dry. The chocolate will melt; this is a good thing.

Divide the dough into 14-18 pieces, roll into balls and flatten. Place on a baking sheet and top each with some of the reserved chopped chocolate and almonds, pressing down gently. Bake at Gas Mark 3 (170C, 325F) for 15-25 minutes (depends on your oven) until they don't deflate when you poke them; but take them out before they get dark brown or hard.


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