[OSS RATS] Sonning towards Shiplake swim - GoogleEarth map

Helen Roche helen at theskyisblue.net
Fri Sep 17 10:10:00 BST 2010

Another installment of map-nerdery from me - here are all the 3 exit  
points we've used on this stretch so far, and I also marked the  
overhead wires. :)


Lovely to see you all! Anyone for a swim on Saturday (tomorrow)?  I  
don't know how many more swims I have in me this season but the  
weather today is encouraging.


On 16 Sep 2010, at 18:16, Pam wrote:

> And big thanks to Helen from me too.
> Pam
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> Subject: [OSS RATS] Sonning to Shiplake swim - We're on Uri Geller's  
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> Evening all,
> Helen, well done for suggesting the Sonning to Shiplake (part way)  
> swim for this evening.  It was lovely.
> Nice to meet Pam. (What a long way you came to the swim, from  
> Winchester !!!) Good to meet up with Helen and Jeremy again.
> We were enjoying our lovely swim, being the latest outing of the  
> Outdoor Swimming Society 'RATS' in the stretch of the Thames between  
> Sonning and Shiplake...
> Part way along, suddenly a man walking his dog along the Thames path  
> asked if he could take our photos and post them on his website and  
> his Twitter pages.  We said he could, and he took the photos.  He  
> had quite a distinctive accent - one of our group asked where he was  
> from and he said 'I'm Uri Geller' (!!)
> Just looked on Uri's website and we're on there!!
> http://site.uri-geller.com/uri_s_weekly_diary
> Look on right hand side and there's a photo of me.  Follow link to  
> Twitter photos for more pics of the others in our group.
> What an unusual twist to a lovely swim!
> All best
> Lindsay
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