[OSS RATS] Sonning towards Shiplake swim - GoogleEarth map

Lindsay Nutbrown lindsay at lecnutbrown.plus.com
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Well done on the map Helen.  So we didn't miss the previous get out point then, but were still short of it ?

Much as I'd love to come swimming tomorrow, I don't feel I should, as I've just had this tooth extracted yesterday and I suspect I should wait for the socket to at least start healing before hopping in the river for a swim.  Perhaps if it starts to heal up well, I might be OK for swimming towards the end of next week (?)

Just hope the weather doesn't turn too cold too soon.  Would be a shame to be packing up for the year just yet.

Best wishes


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  Another installment of map-nerdery from me - here are all the 3 exit points we've used on this stretch so far, and I also marked the overhead wires. :)


  Lovely to see you all! Anyone for a swim on Saturday (tomorrow)?  I don't know how many more swims I have in me this season but the weather today is encouraging.


  On 16 Sep 2010, at 18:16, Pam wrote:

    And big thanks to Helen from me too. 


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    Evening all,

    Helen, well done for suggesting the Sonning to Shiplake (part way) swim for this evening.  It was lovely.

    Nice to meet Pam. (What a long way you came to the swim, from Winchester !!!) Good to meet up with Helen and Jeremy again.

    We were enjoying our lovely swim, being the latest outing of the Outdoor Swimming Society 'RATS' in the stretch of the Thames between Sonning and Shiplake... 

    Part way along, suddenly a man walking his dog along the Thames path asked if he could take our photos and post them on his website and his Twitter pages.  We said he could, and he took the photos.  He had quite a distinctive accent - one of our group asked where he was from and he said 'I'm Uri Geller' (!!)

    Just looked on Uri's website and we're on there!!


    Look on right hand side and there's a photo of me.  Follow link to Twitter photos for more pics of the others in our group.

    What an unusual twist to a lovely swim! 

    All best

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