[OSS RATS] Saturday 4th Sept

Lindsay Nutbrown lindsay at lecnutbrown.plus.com
Thu Sep 2 21:39:34 BST 2010

Good evening 'OSS RATS'

I'd be up for the Sonning to St. Patricks stream swim again - hopefully this 
time in fine weather (I'm not complaining at all about the last swim - it 
was lovely - in it's own adventurous, teeming-down-with-rain sort of way - 
but seeing that stretch in fine weather would be rather splendid as well!)

If it is any help, I have 2 spare pairs of wetsuit socks available for loan 
for anyone wishing to join in but who doesn't have water-suitable footwear 
to allow for walking back.  Loaned a pair to Debbie last time which proved 
that they can fit as small as a size 7 without being ridiculous!  Equally, 
the larger pair is just about OK up to a mens size 11.

Another alternative location would be Pangbourne meadows (or the spot near 
Mapledurham lock that you checked out recently Helen, if parking in the 
Purley housing estate) but either of those would take me quite a bit longer 
to get to from Binfield, so I wouldn't be there for such a prompt start. 
The 'Thames Beach' location on that stretch isn't an option because it takes 
too long to walk there from the nearest parking (at least from the nearest 
parking I know of!)

Whichever way, looking forward to another river swim.

Went for a lovely swim at the Tri20 lake at Copthorne Hotel this evening, 
glow of the setting sun on the water, water nearly 19 deg so OK for shorty 
wetsuit (and no wetsuit I noticed for hardy types !) so really lovely.  Not 
long I expect before that lake (being so shallow) will be starting to get 
quite chilly...



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>> I'd need a few more details... where? when? parking nearby? etc.
> Well, that's what we have to discuss! I didn't choose a location. I've 
> done the Sonning to St.Patrick's stream swim twice now, and it is lovely, 
> so I wouldn't object to doing it again - but would be equally happy if 
> someone has another idea.
> Given that 6pm is a fairly late start, since it's getting dark by about 
> 8pm, a shorter swim with easy parking points might be an idea. There's a 
> bit of faffing to get a car at both ends of the Sonning swim, though it 
> would equally be possible to walk back along the Thames path to the start 
> point, if everyone has shoes - which would allow for a much prompter 
> start.
> Any other suggestions?
> cheers
> Helen
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