[OSS RATS] Saturday 4th Sept

helen at theskyisblue.net helen at theskyisblue.net
Thu Sep 2 19:24:54 BST 2010

> I'd need a few more details... where? when? parking nearby? etc.

Well, that's what we have to discuss! I didn't choose a location. I've done the Sonning to St.Patrick's stream swim twice now, and it is lovely, so I wouldn't object to doing it again - but would be equally happy if someone has another idea. 
Given that 6pm is a fairly late start, since it's getting dark by about 8pm, a shorter swim with easy parking points might be an idea. There's a bit of faffing to get a car at both ends of the Sonning swim, though it would equally be possible to walk back along the Thames path to the start point, if everyone has shoes - which would allow for a much prompter start.

Any other suggestions?

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