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Latest info as of today..




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Subject: Little Marlow Sewage Treatment Update 24 May 2013


Dear Sir/Madam


Yesterday we received calls from members of the public concerned about
further sewer debris on the river downstream of Little Marlow sewage
treatment works.  Our own monitoring equipment also detected abnormal levels
of solids in the final treated effluent.   My officers attended the site
last night and are there again today to establish what is happening and to
collect evidence.  


At this stage, we believe the debris was released in to the river as a
consequence of Thames Water cleaning out one of the settlement tanks on
site.  Thames Water's managers have instructed the cleaning work to stop and
have employed contractors to clean up debris from the river.  


We appreciate the public's frustration with the ongoing problems at the
sewage treatment works.  We are scrutinising Thames Water very closely and
putting pressure on them to restore normal operation of the STW.  We have
opened our incident room today to manage our response and have extra staff
on duty to respond to any further problems 24 hours a day. 


We will continue to send updates when we have more information or the
situation changes.




Helen Page

Environment Management Team Leader

Land & Water, Thame & Upper Thames Valley

West Thames Area



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