[OSS Oxon] Swim 24

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Fri May 18 18:26:48 BST 2012

Dear all,

Just to confirm that we will go ahead tomorrow as planned with swim 24.
Jenny has kindly recce'd the swim route today and thinks it is doable. The
river status is down to amber from red. The beach exit around half-way is a
good exit point for those who don't fancy the whole thing. (I've copied
Jenny's message below).

The river is faster than normal, so please take extra care and try and
stick together in speed groups as far as possible. Also take care at the

Jenny notes that places to get out are fewer beyond the midway point, so if
you are feeling tired half way, please don't push it.

See you at 10.30.


cycled along the full length of the swim this pm.

The river actually looks pretty normal to me now. It's certainly faster
under Abingdon Bridge, but I didn't think it looked particularly dangerous.

I took a picture of the 'beach' that has been recommended for a half way
stop and will upload in a mo - not quite as much of it as on GoogleEarth
maybe, but it looks fine. It's a slightly soggy stretch of field tho.

Nothing else particularly of note. Plenty of places to get out of the river
up until the mid-way point. From then on not many at all.

Hope that helps.

Personally I think I'll probably call it a day at the mid-way beach. Or if
I carry on I'll get out at a tiny little beach next to the danger sign
where you turn left to avoid the weir. That's because the narrower stretch
of river from there on to Culham lock had a very slightly stagnant feel to
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