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Pam Jones pamjones at btinternet.com
Thu May 17 13:46:44 BST 2012

Does anyone fancy joining me for a catch up of Swim 21 on Saturday evening?
I am in Oxford all day at an event in college (having expected the swim to
be in the evening as the schedule) so i can’t come to the main event but it
seems a shame to have gone up there and not swum.









Ice Maidens and Ice Men of the Isis*,


It’s time to start thawing out!  By the time 25th March comes about the icy
Winter waters should have been replaced by an (almost) tropical Spring flow
and even the Neoprene Ninja should be looking forward to jumping in for the
1500m swim.


In an attempt to confuse and disorient everyone our Glorious Leaders have
delegated the organization of Swim #21 to me and, as such, we will have no
tardiness or faffing around thank you very much!!!  We will meet in the car
park of the Kings Arms at Sandford-on-Thames at 11am (sharp) on Sunday 25th

 <http://g.co/maps/af5ag> http://g.co/maps/af5ag


We will then walk upstream to the entry point at the little beach here:

 <http://g.co/maps/2fqgv> http://g.co/maps/2fqgv

and then swim back to the lock next to the pub.  There seem to be various
possible routes but the possibility of getting lost just adds to the


The car park costs £1 for 3 hours which will be refunded by the pub when we
eat.  If time is looking tight we can top up with another pound before going
into the pub but I’m told that you can’t get a refund if you put in £2 at
the start.  It’s likely that this swim is part of a swim from Michael
Worthington’s book but I don’t have a copy so I don’t know!



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