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Thanks for these Pam, they reminded me to do some stretching as I sit at the
keyboard! It's interesting how the 2nd document updates the first,
specifying that some of the stretches mentioned in the first are no longer
recommended for 'the swimming community'.


The problem I always have with these types of documents is that the
community they have in mind is athletes as opposed to us lesser mortals, so
they are written for coaches and people who are training hard and using
'competition-style' techniques. So their guidance shouldn't be taken as
gospel for all of us. For example, as a Shaw Method teacher, I would take
issue with the 'little finger first' hand-entry instruction in the first
document: I teach a thumb-down, palm out entry. But that goes with the
greater body rotation that we also teach for ease and efficiency in the
water. I could go on... if you're interested, have a look at the Shaw Method
online magazine:






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More shoulder stretches


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hope these help you as much as they have helped me, 


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