[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #14 - Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut - Sat24Sep11 at 10:30am

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Mon Sep 19 19:16:26 BST 2011

/In our relentless journey downstream in the Thames towards the
Teddington Obelisk, and beyond, the next step (stroke?) will be Swim #14
from Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut, or thereabouts.  We now have the
delights of the Georgian Toll Bridge at Swinford to look forward to. One
shilling  to cross but free to swim under. (5p in new money . . .)To
make the swim worthwhile, but keeping it to this side of excessive, it
corresponds to Swim #26 and part of #27 in The Book according to Michael
Worthington and is around 3.3km, or less if we decide to get out earlier.

We will meet at the car park at Swinford at 10:30am on Sat24Sep11,
marked by the Green arrow, on the north side of the Thames (Thanks to Jo
for the local knowledge):


We can then shuttle (5p at the ready) up to the housing estate at Meadow
Way, park, at 'A', and make our final preparations in the field, Green
arrow, on the way to the lock:


We will then walk to Pinkhill Lock, jump in and swim down towards
Swinford, under the Georgian Toll bridge (better practice butterfly
beforehand), skirting Eynsham Lock, and on to an exit on the south bank
and the Thames path, opposite the Cassington Cut.  This is where the
Wytham Great Wood, on the south bank, starts receding from the Thames
Path (Green Arrow):


Advanced tri-athlete party to keep eyes peeled to avoid going on to
King's Lock, which is another 3.5km away, and is to be swim #15 on

We will then walk back to the Swinford car park, get changed, shuttle
drivers to cars left at Meadow Way (More 5p at the ready) before putting
the Landlady at the nearby Talbot to the test for lunch (Green arrow):


Look forward to meeting all the regulars but to all those recently
inspired by David Walliams we'd welcome you to come along and sample the
water with us as well.  Contrary to the BBC and Walliams' PR crew we've
not found it to be 'filthy' . . . .

Any questions, drop us a line.

Jeremy and Sef and the gurgling gudgeon of the Thames.

Oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com <mailto:Oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com>


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/By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read
and accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:/


society.com/index.php?p=swimming_tips&s=responsibili ty


/All swimmers swim at their own risk./

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