[OSS Oxon] Swim 4 & 5 of Swim the Thames Hannington Bridge toBuscott Lock

Liz Holliss lizholliss at btconnect.com
Tue Jun 14 12:26:27 BST 2011

you're all so brave!  (we were swimming down the motorway to Swansea & back to move student daughter's clobber, and that was bad enough...). That said, I did venture into the river near Dorchester early in the morning, before all that rain, and it was gorgeous and peaceful, with just a wood pecker and some coot chicks for company...Hope to join you stalwart guys before long, when we actually have a w/end at home!


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Yes, thanks everyone for such a great weekend. Even sunday's downpour 
and gales didn't dampen the squibs.

I have Jeremy's thermos, Colin's goggles, Adam's giant thermos, 
Chris's £20, an anonymous silver fork... Lucky me! Will bring them 
next time but don't let me get away with it. Chris has a fetching 
brown long sleeved base tshirt. Don't let him get away with it- it 

I think there are takers for all the swims so if anyone wants to catch 
up on anything let me know and we can try some coordination...

Thanks again,

Sef x
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