[OSS Oxon] Yesterdays Swim at Kelmscott

James james.lowe at datacore.com
Mon Sep 6 15:11:56 BST 2010

We Swam Kelmscott to Grafton lock yesterday (River Thames) with a few 
friends and walking back, bumped into another group of swimmers.

For those that know who these were (or if that is you) - Shifford Lock 
(at Chimney Meadows) to Newbridge was the swim one of us shouted at you 
from the bank.


This gives you the complete swim ...we did one weekend (with Lunch in 

It is about 1.5 to 2 hours swim at a gentle pace and if you make it a 
Sunday swim you can book ahead for a post Sunday Lunch when you finish. 
Makes it less of a bind for those that are drivers and not swimmers as 
they can wait in the pub.

It's a relatively remote swim in terms of civilization, so if you go 
make sure you can swim for that period of time or don't mind dragging 
yourself out and walking along the path. Oh and if you haven't been, the 
Rose Revived Pub is better than the Maybush Pub (Maytime?) which are on 
either side of the bridge.

You can get out before or after the bridge very easily.

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