[OSS Oxon] Up and Coming Oxon Swims

James Lowe James.Lowe at datacore.com
Tue Sep 7 21:14:13 BST 2010


A couple of us are pencilling in Tuesday 14 Sept evening for a swim

I was thinking somewhere 'around' here


However I am more than open to other suggestions. As the sun is setting 
earlier and earlier, we probably need to get in the water around 18:45 
ish - sun set is 19:25. There seem to be a few pubs nearby and I can 
have a scope about to see what is there - unless anyone knows the area.

Also, I'd been mulling about doing a 'proper' night swim - midnight or 
later (!) kind of time - but without a moon, maybe a new-moon swim. I 
know this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for this I was thinking 
about the same place we did the silent swim.


Nice and wide and plenty of places to get out plus it is easy to walk 
along the bank, but walk to where the 'short' swim was and swim 
downstream to the islands.

While I know that people have to get up in the morning, some of us were 
looking at either Friday Oct 1 or Friday 8th to give us all a lie in on 

Again it's all fluid, so any suggestions welcome. We can then firm up 
the dates and times as they get nearer.


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