[E3-hacking] Adding the keyboard (mailboard) support

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Wed Nov 25 02:27:27 GMT 2009


I have managed to refresh Matt's Amstrad Delta keyboard patch, created against 
linux-omap-2.6.16-omap2. Now it applies cleanly on top of curent linux-omap 
for-next, and seems to work flawlessly. I have also made some modifications 
in order to avoid breaking support for the hook switch that has been added 
recently (thanks to what you discovered about it a few years ago).

Matt (I hope you still read the e3-hacking list), don't you mind if I submit 
the modified patch to the linux-omap mailing list in order to get it included 
in the linux-omap tree first and then pushed into the mainline?

Jonathan, can you remember why the keyboard patch never found it's way into 
the linux-omap tree? If you know of any isues with it, I could try to solve 
them before submitting.


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