[E3-hacking] Any more chances for E3 working as IP phone?

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Wed May 13 16:16:36 BST 2009


Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> I've actually compiled up a kernel more recently than that to check it
> still built ok, but haven't done anything much with the E3 recently.

Using OpenEmbedded, linux-omap_git.bb with slight amsdelta related 
additions actually works for me. Power nanagement must be off, otherwise 
omapfb framebuffer does not work correctly.
Missing drivers: camera, keyboard, modem (should be trivial to port from 
2.6.19 patch), sound, hook switch (in progress), probably more. I am 
going to see what I can do to narrow this list.

>> 2. Did you try to create a driver for hook switch hanging off GPIO
>> input 4, as Matt Callow detected it once? If not, what hints could you
>> give me for creating one?
> I had this hooked up to the OMAP gpio switch framework, but I found it
> conflicted with the FIQ keyboard patch and caused crashes. Possibly the
> gpio-keys driver is the way to do this these days?

As I have already written in a second thread, both gpio-switch and 
gpio-keys based devices actually work for me if without FIQ patch.

For now, gpio-switch device gives me the switch status via sysfs, but 
does not provide any events, so not much different than exporting the 
pin over gpiolib sysfs interface, but I think that adding kobject CHANGE 
event to gpio-switch interrupt handler should be trivial.

OTOH, gpio-keys based device generates input events obviously, but does 
not allow for status check (or I don't know how to check for it), that I 
would rather find an essential feature.


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