[E3-hacking] Any more chances for E3 working as IP phone?

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Thu May 7 14:10:15 BST 2009


As Martin Whitaker has answered my question off-list, I am replying to 
myself quoting him, with his permission.

Martin Whitaker wrote:
> Yes, I have managed to make normal POTS phone calls, using the handset,
> using AT commands.

Hi Martin,

It's good to hear that I still have a chance to use my E3 as a plain 
phone if not IP. What about accepting calls, were you able to make your 
E3 ringing on someone calling you over the modem? Was it possible 
without a working sound driver?

> I even got as far as writing a simple phone application,
> however it wasn't especially useful as it depended upon a frame buffer based
> graphics library that wasn't directfb

I took a different approach, trying to use existing building blocks, 
like asterisk, lirc, etc., coupled with custom scripts. If it ever turns 
out to slow, I can look for a more efficient solution then. Anyway, any 
ideas you have put into your application could be usefull.

> and also depended upon a kernel mod
> I'd done which made the on/off hook button send a keystroke (this was
> trivial btw - I'll see if I can make a patch for that too).

That would be great. I have already managed to detect hook state without 
any coding, using sysfs interface of the 2.6.27 gpio driver, but this 
does not generate any events so is only suitable for polling. Maybe the 
simplest way to get input events now a days would be to use gpio-keys 
driver over an ams-delta specific platform device with setup logic and 
configuration data saying which GPIO is used.

> I'm happy to share the source (if I can find it again), however it may be a
> few days before I'm in a position to look for it.

That's fine, I can investigate other work needing areas in the mean time.

> I haven't touched the E3 in years now, although I'd like to play with it
> again. I'd quite like to get it up to the latest kernel version,

Yes, if we think of further development, porting existing patches to the 
latest kernel version is essential. For now, I have tried 2.6.27, the 
latest one with omap patch available on www.muru.com. I have managed to 
port 2.6.19 ams-delta-keyboard.patch (tested - works for me) and 
ams-delta-modem.patch (builds, loads, responds to AT commands, needs 
more testing). Next step would be to go for latest versions available 
from git repositories, that is still some kind of magic for me how to 
merge it into openembedded, but I could try.

I am going to post modified patches here, but am not sure how to include 
them - inline or as attachments.


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