[E3-hacking] familiar

Alexander hri-news at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 13 04:42:25 GMT 2008

12 марта 2008 г. Don Alexander написал:
> Maybe he was replying the the fact there was no image already available
> for it. But my understanding is familiar is out of date anyway. Angstrom
> is the new PDA/embedded/gui environment and that is based purely on OE.
> I have compiled an Angstrom distro from scratch for my HP pocket PC but
> i have to admit it is not for the faint hearted. Took 37 hours of
> compiling on a P4 1.2GHz with 2 Gb RAM ;)
> http://www.*angstrom*-distribution.org/

Now I am building familiar.
After this -  Angstrom.

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