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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Fri Mar 31 18:00:51 BST 2006

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Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> Sure. Now I think I've sorted the USB issue out in the git tree
> (upstream took my base E3 support patch at the start of the week) I'm
> beginning to look at sorting out the LCD and keymap for submission. Do
> people have opinions on what keys should be mapped where? Obviously the
> QWERTY keyboard and the numpad are obvious enough, but what about the
> rest? Hopefully we'll have the mailboard working soon enough, but we'll
> still want to use the buttons on the device. Should we map them to
> useful punctuation? Functions keys? (I'd though about this for the keys
> at the top.) Something else?

Given that once the mailboard's working it'll be generating keyboard
events as well, would it be sensible to distinguish between keypad
events and mailboard events?

For example, you could map the numbers to NUMPAD_ keycodes; the
special-purpose keys to function keys (which the mailboard doesn't
have); etc. Knowing what to do with the alphabetical keys is a bit
trickier, but I don't think it's as important for them.

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