[E3-hacking] Another booting E3 here

M P buserror at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 16:18:14 GMT 2006

My V4 E3 boots using Mark's tools. There were a few issues when building :

+ The buildroot "snapshots" fails to build, you need to explicitely
tell it not to use snapshots of uLibc and busybox. After than you
still will get a hanging boot until you fix the inittab
+ u-boot "examples" fails to build here, and break the build; I
commented them from the Makefile and had to make clean && make to get
a working u-boot.bin
+ The kernel config & patch as provided in the "v1" file works,
however the delta-20060227.diff generates a kernel that hangs just
after decompression here, no way to make it work...

Looking forward to get that LCD + Console working :D

Would it be easy to get the rootfs, u-boot and kernel in the flash ?
we are fairly close to have a system that could be used to test stuff
from a nfs partition or a usb flash drive; it would save a lot of

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