[E3-hacking] Another hello

mark mark at xenon-computing.com
Tue Jan 17 22:48:17 GMT 2006


I just bought one of these too, although I only have little hardware
experience I figured it was a cheap way to learn something.

My first problem is I can't seem to send anything to the phone. I have
the serial console working and using pblq or kermit with a standard
serial port on linux I can view kernel output, but thats as far as it goes.

I checked the serial port wiring, and thats Ok.

Could it be because I've not registered the phone yet?

I've not seen this documented anywhere else but if you press 1 (one)in
the setup information page you get a list of all the driver versions and
some other stuff email num/reg num/config http etc ....

Pressing 0 (zero) in the setup menu brings up something like phone
numbers and hex? at the top of the screen

also from within the second menu (telephone line) pressing nine three
times activates a toggle of some sort high/low beep.

All this done on an unregistered phone.


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