[E3-hacking] Hello everyone

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 19:27:43 GMT 2006


I have just joined this list after finding out how cheap these things are :). 30 quid for a 1/2
VGA colour display, ARM9+DSP etc wow!

I have done Linux kernel porting before and am currently working on a custom ARM9 based chip so
I'm ready to get my hands dirty doing some kernel work (although as it's an OMAP so most of the
device drivers are already done).

What is the current status with the bootloader? Am I right in thinking that you are now at the
stage of downloading kernels over the serial port?

Can I flash my own kernel or do I currently have to download it every time I reset the device?

I have downloaded the mv-2.4.18 kernel and will have a look through that but I would like to port
a 2.6 kernel to the E3. Is anyone else already doing this?

I have googled around and have found a compiler for the DSP which running under Linux
(linux-DSP-tools) which should allow me to compile my own codec's for the DSP and run them via DSP
gateway. I was wondering if anyone else had investigated this and could give me any pointers on
how best to get started.

I'm not getting my E3 till the weekend, but before the weekend has finished I will hopefully have
it under my control :)

Thanks for reading this rant!


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