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Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Thu Feb 23 12:08:48 GMT 2006

Lads, I can't help thinking you may be reinventing the wheel a bit here.

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> From: Jonathan McDowell [mailto:noodles at earth.li]
> Not supported yet:
> * LCD (Mark Underwood is working on it, there's code in the Amstrad
>   source)

There's already a /dev/fb driver for the LCD in the kernel - is there
some argument against using that? I've got the LCD setup in (4x0):4:4:4
not 5:6:5 mode by the way as the R, G and B are limited to 4 bits each
5:6:5 isn't 5:6:5 anyway! In fact bit patterns 1110 and 1111 for each of
R, G and B are the same colour so rather than 4096 colours there are 3375 
(i.e. 15*15*15, not 16*16*16)

> * modem UART (I don't think this should be hard to get going; 
> Smart SMC
>   at 0xeb000000 on irq 66 according to dmesg on 2.4)

There's already a serial port driver mapped to the modem in the kernel

> * sound (no idea; there's omap sound code in the tree, but does the E3
>   use this?)

just insmod our ams_beep_mod.o device driver (its in the initrd) and it 
hooks the kd_mksound vector in drivers\char\vt.c so that when vt_ioctl() 
is called with KDMKTONE (such as for a console "beep") it invokes the
routine in 
ams_beep_mod.o which, in turn, uses the PWT generator in the OMAP but, 
as you'll read in the OMAP datasheet this can only generate 48 frequencies 
(12 notes in 4 ocatves) so my code matches the given Hz value to the closest

that can be played and plays that one.

> * keyboard (this is separate from the keypad and is PS/2 based I
>   believe)

I went to some length when doing the matrix and PS/2 drivers to make sure
they returned sensible (Linux friendly) keycodes so after insmodding 
ams_keyb_mod.o you should just find that both matrix and PS/2 generate
"sensible" characters to the terminal. I even arranged for PS/2 stop to
generate the mush more useful [TAB] character.

> * camera (some code in the 2.6 OMAP tree already, source in 
> the Amstrad
>   tree too)

Yup it's supported by v4l2


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