[E3-hacking] E3 u-boot & Linux

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Wed Feb 22 22:49:16 GMT 2006

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 08:57:59PM -0000, George Sanders wrote:
> Luke Schneider wrote: 
> > Just a question.. probably stupid... but while you're doing all this
> > does it still work as a phone?
> Actually not stupid at all......does it?


Currently supported are:

* OMAP UART (the EXP port on the back; provides console)
* USB (OHCI, allows USB network devices & USB memory sticks etc)
* omap-keypad (at least the numeric keypad, possibly more)

Not supported yet:

* LCD (Mark Underwood is working on it, there's code in the Amstrad
* modem UART (I don't think this should be hard to get going; Smart SMC
  at 0xeb000000 on irq 66 according to dmesg on 2.4)
* sound (no idea; there's omap sound code in the tree, but does the E3
  use this?)
* keyboard (this is separate from the keypad and is PS/2 based I
* camera (some code in the 2.6 OMAP tree already, source in the Amstrad
  tree too)
* flash (I've been fiddling with getting the 128k NOR PBL detected, but
  it's the 32MB NAND that's really of interest - this is the bit that
  Amstrad violated the GPL about with the 2.4 kernel; there's no source
  for the dfd driver and it's statically compiled into the 2.4 kernel.)
* the handset (possibly just off the sound card/modem?)
* The smart card reader.

And that's just all the kernel stuff; after the various bits are working
there's still userland to get usable!

Currently this is a project that'll let you help develop for an TI OMAP
ARM platform - the stirling work Mark's done with u-boot and the kernel
mean that it's much more accessible for people who want to jump in and
work on something, as at least now you have an easy way to test what
you're doing!

It's certainly not what you want if you're trying to use it for its
intended purpose without making the calls to Amstrad.


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