[E3-hacking] Linux 2.6 & USB _almost_ works

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 19 18:35:56 GMT 2006

--- Don Alexander <e3-devel at roosoft.ltd.uk> wrote:

> Mark Underwood wrote:
> > I have been hacking around with the 2.6.15 kernel and now have got the USB host to
> successfully
> > register. It detects a USB device that I plug into it, but then fails to get the interrupt
> (the
> > kernel prints out a time out error message). Looking at the proc enteries from the 2.4 kernel
> > (from the website) the interrupt number is the same so I guess that there is some init code
> > missing. Please could someone boot their E3, plug & unplug a USB device and do 'cat
> > /proc/interrupts' and confirm that the usb-ohci interrupt has seen some interrupts. 
> >  
> This is fantastic news Mark, and well done guys to getting as far as you
> have so soon. Is there any hope of the modified code being uploaded this
> weekend still? I would love to get my hands on it and start hacking away
> at a level I can understand :) To my mind the most useful part will be
> getting the networking stack fully functional to be able to mount NFS
> shares and try out different combinations of programs code and drivers.
> Really fantastic progress guys. Let hope it is just the tip of the
> iceberg as it were :)
> Cheers,
> Don.

Hi Don,

Hopefully it will be uploaded by the end of today. I have created a v1 release which has got a
kernel that boots and working USB, although not NFS mounts as the shell is somewhat broken :-(.
The next step for me is to get the LCD up and running and then sound (I would like my E3 to play
my MP3's while I work on it :-). After that I guess I will either try to fix the shell problem or
try to build microwindows/nano-X.


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