[E3-hacking] Linux 2.6 & USB _almost_ works

Adam Spence files at aspence.co.uk
Sun Feb 19 08:22:21 GMT 2006

Hey Mark,

It's a small world isn't it! So, what have you actually got the E3 to do


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I have been hacking around with the 2.6.15 kernel and now have got the USB
host to successfully register. It detects a USB device that I plug into it,
but then fails to get the interrupt (the kernel prints out a time out error
message). Looking at the proc enteries from the 2.4 kernel (from the
website) the interrupt number is the same so I guess that there is some init
code missing. Please could someone boot their E3, plug & unplug a USB device
and do 'cat /proc/interrupts' and confirm that the usb-ohci interrupt has
seen some interrupts. 
Many thanks, 

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