[E3-hacking] Linux 2.6 & USB _almost_ works

Don Alexander e3-devel at roosoft.ltd.uk
Sun Feb 19 07:53:50 GMT 2006

Mark Underwood wrote:
> I have been hacking around with the 2.6.15 kernel and now have got the USB host to successfully
> register. It detects a USB device that I plug into it, but then fails to get the interrupt (the
> kernel prints out a time out error message). Looking at the proc enteries from the 2.4 kernel
> (from the website) the interrupt number is the same so I guess that there is some init code
> missing. Please could someone boot their E3, plug & unplug a USB device and do 'cat
> /proc/interrupts' and confirm that the usb-ohci interrupt has seen some interrupts. 

This is fantastic news Mark, and well done guys to getting as far as you
have so soon. Is there any hope of the modified code being uploaded this
weekend still? I would love to get my hands on it and start hacking away
at a level I can understand :) To my mind the most useful part will be
getting the networking stack fully functional to be able to mount NFS
shares and try out different combinations of programs code and drivers.
Really fantastic progress guys. Let hope it is just the tip of the
iceberg as it were :)



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