[E3-hacking] Success!

Matt Evans e3-hacking@earth.li
Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:49:00 +0000

Hi David,

Thanks for the pblq posting, I'll try that out.. umm.. (. o O ( Tonight 
= Guinness..)) sometime ;)

I'm not sure what it means by "NAND flash is *at* 80010000";  
physically NAND flash is not memory-mapped.  It looks more like a block 
device, you request sectors of 512 bytes and At Some Point it comes 
back (a bit like SDRAM reading a row).  The memory regions (set up by 
the Sharp) also aren't big enough to provide some sort of memory 
map-to-block conversion in the CPLD and since its latency differs 
sometimes this prob. isn't sensible for NAND flash.

Of course PBL may provide some sort of software abstraction to 
'convert' reads to a certain offset to a sector fetch & read from 

Am interested to know if PBL does this, if you manage to read any of 
the main ROM then let us know :)

> hri.sourceforge.net has CVS, doesn't it?

OOh good idea...