[E3-hacking] DC adaptor?

en4rab en4rab at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 17:05:05 BST 2005

I have always got my phone spares from here:
they have a sony ericcsson cable for £16.95 on this page:
near the bottom.
They list 3 cables (one for unlocking which is no good i think) ans 2
others one that is definately USB for £16.95 and another for £9.95 but
it doesnt say if it is USB.
I havent ever had any problems ordering from m-99.

I had a quick try with a couple of nokia phone leads the other day but i
didnt have any success communicating with the emailer, the ones i had
were the f and m bus type but without a switch so that might have been
the problem, i believe the newer type use the RTS and another pin on the
serial port to power and switch between f and m bus so possibly they
might work if you faffed with the serial port, but as it was i got
nothing with them.
As it is it sounds like the sony T610 USB datalead is a good bet as it
has already been made to work.

A random google search also turned up these sites:
http://www.t2retail.co.uk/productDetail.asp?product=1709605 for £19

and http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/941.htm £17.45

all prices include postage, im not sure if all of them offer the
charging function as well as the data connection.

Oh and off topic but if any of you have matt evans boot monitor running
on your E2 have you tryed typing "fire" at the terminal prompt :) I
discovered that the other day, its rather cool

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