[cgi-wiki-dev] How to write node with versions

Phillip Karlsson phillip at dumbrellahosting.com
Tue Jan 8 19:46:37 GMT 2008

I'm the "goats guy" who asked about this back in the day.  Although 
even then I had left Goats to do this webcomics hosting thing.

I ended up just using the formatting modules, and rewriting the 
portions of the other code I needed for myself, and then I (of 
course) left it all half finished, because I ended up not needing an 
in-house wiki for my clients.  Having about a half million other 
things on my to-do list, this got left behind.  However, I still 
think it'd be a nice "feature" for them, so if it gets solved, then 
I'm extra happy.

There are two different problems being solved here, by varying 
degrees, by two different solutions.

Problem 1 is integrating the wiki tables into an existing database, 
and not having namespace collision with existing tables.

Problem 2 is having multipe wikis across one or several sites.

The two solutions being talked about are table name prefixing, and 
adding a domainid column.

The name prefixing is primarily a solution to the namespace collision 
problem, but can also be used as a (messy) solution to multiple wikis 
in one database (different prefixes per wiki).  It just means lots of 
duplicate tables in one database, which not only gives my inner-dba 
the twitches, but also means that if the code is upgraded, then lots 
of "the same" table need to be altered to work with upgraded code.

The domainid is a solution only to problem 2, and makes my inner-dba 
much happier.

Personally, I would like _both_ of these modifications made to the 
code, as then it becomes a perfect fit for me. (Multiple clients 
sharing one set of tables that don't conflict with anything else in 
my database.)


>On Mon 07 Jan 2008, abhishek jain <abhishek.netjain at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Ok so i need to get this multiple domain on 1 installation thing done and
>>  will start development, but if i start it will it be compatible with the
>>  later / future developments of Wiki::Toolkit . Also at first sight
>>  introducing a column called domainid into most if not all tables of mysql
>>  looks to be a sol. and then while intialising $wiki object pass parameter
>>  'domainid', what do you have to say.
>Whatever the solution we choose, it needs to be backwards compatible.
>And of course any patches you make will need to have tests before we
>can accept them.  I think I prefer Jody's solution of having table
>prefixes, since it means people with existing installations won't have
>to munge their databases.
>What does everyone else think?

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