[cgi-wiki-dev] How to write node with versions

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Wed Jan 9 02:41:28 GMT 2008

On Tue 08 Jan 2008, Phillip Karlsson <phillip at dumbrellahosting.com> wrote:
> Problem 2 is having multipe wikis across one or several sites.
> [...]
> The domainid is a solution only to problem 2, and makes my inner-dba 
> much happier.

Yes, that makes sense.  I guess at some point we might also want to
think about removing the textual content from the node table too -
this would make it possible to share nodes between wikis[0].

  [0] I already have a couple of use cases for this: (a) sharing content
  between the London Crafts wiki and the Randomness Guide to London
  (specifically, details of London craft shops) and (b) sharing content
  between the Randomness Guide to London and a more local guide to a
  specific borough (RGL may not want some of the very specific local
  content).  But it is a far-away idea and not something I'm thinking of
  working towards any time soon.

> Personally, I would like _both_ of these modifications made to the 
> code, as then it becomes a perfect fit for me. (Multiple clients 
> sharing one set of tables that don't conflict with anything else in 
> my database.)

Yes, that sounds ideal!

So, given Abhishek's pressing need for multiple wikis in one database,
can we say it makes sense for him to go ahead with the domainid idea,
and we're happy to make sure it gets integrated into the CPAN code?


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