[cgi-wiki-dev] Wiki::Toolkit

Jonathan Swartz cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Sun, 12 Oct 2003 09:08:55 -0700

Thanks Kake, I've started contributing.

A couple of nits about the interface:
1. Why does it ask my username every time? Shouldn't it at least save it in
a cookie the first time I enter it?
2. There's no easy way, AFAICT, to cut and paste a link to a page with a
long title. For example, I wanted to link to

but everywhere that title appears it has spaces between the name, so I had
to cut and paste and manually remove the spaces.


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From: "Kate L Pugh" <kake@earth.li>
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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 10:09 AM
Subject: [cgi-wiki-dev] Wiki::Toolkit

> I've set up a wiki for us to make a start on brainstorming the
> documentation for the proposed rewrite as Wiki::Toolkit.  It's
> currently at
>   http://the.earth.li/~kake/cgi-bin/wiki-toolkit/wiki.cgi
> (but this will change.  Earle has registered the wiki-toolkit.org domain
>  and Martin has offered to host the domain and hence the wiki.  Can you
>  two figure out between you what still needs to be done there?)
> In the meantime, please get stuck in to the docs on the wiki.  The
> default formatter for discussion etc pages is UseMod, and the
> documentation pages are done in POD.
> If you want the wiki to be different in some way, or find something
> broken in it, please let me know.
> If this isn't what the people who were wanting a wiki for development
> were actually wanting, then again let me know.
> I don't plan to start programming yet; I want some consensus (via the
> docs on the wiki) of what the API should be first.
> Kake
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