[cgi-wiki-dev] Wiki::Toolkit

Kate L Pugh cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:04:04 +0100

Jon, I already asked Martin this, so don't think I'm picking on you.
Could you interleave your replies and snip out the quoted bits you're
not directly replying to, please?  I'm asking this as List Mom.

"Kate L Pugh" <kake@earth.li> wrote:
>> I've set up a wiki for us to make a start on brainstorming the
>> documentation for the proposed rewrite as Wiki::Toolkit.

On Sun 12 Oct 2003, Jonathan Swartz <swartz@pobox.com> wrote:
> Thanks Kake, I've started contributing.

Excellent, thank you.

> A couple of nits about the interface:
> 1. Why does it ask my username every time? Shouldn't it at least save it in
> a cookie the first time I enter it?

Martin asked this on the wiki; see

In short - someone needs to write the code to do this, and I believe it
can easily be cannibalised from OpenGuides.

> 2. There's no easy way, AFAICT, to cut and paste a link to a page with a
> long title. For example, I wanted to link to
> http://the.earth.li/~kake/cgi-bin/wiki-toolkit/wiki.cgi?node=Division%20Of%2
> 0Labour%20Between%20The%20Main%20Classes
> but everywhere that title appears it has spaces between the name, so I had
> to cut and paste and manually remove the spaces.

You want:

  [[Division of labour between the main classes]]

to create a link to that node.

I'm not going to *mandate* that people use this kind of node name
instead of StudlyCaps, but it might be better, for the sake of consistency.