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=Subject: Re: Text file backend?
=On Sat 30 Aug 2003, Martin@Cleaver.org wrote:
=>    Just wondering whether anyone had proposed implementing a flat text
=> back-end to CGI::Wiki.
=It's been proposed, but nobody's actually offered to write it.  I
=really don't think I'll have the time to do it myself any time soon -
=you can see why at
=  http://the.earth.li/~kake/cgi-bin/blog/blog.cgi/os.pod/TODO
= - but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be done.  If somebody
=is willing to put in the time to do it, that is.
=> Although the performance would not be as quick as a database this
=> might give CGI::Wiki greater appeal as many TWiki users choose TWiki
=> because they like the comfort of being able to hack the files if
=> things go wrong.
=Yup, that does make sense.  Although I don't mind loading up a
=database client and hacking the store with SQL, I'm sure that a lot of
=people would hate to do that :)
=This is just a short response so you know I'm not ignoring you - I
=have an awful lot to get done today.  I've never used Twiki; I guess I
=should have a look at it.  I'll try to write more when I have some
=time, maybe midweek.