David gave me a broken Cisco ATA-186 (a VOIP SIP adaptor; lets you plug 2 phones into the network). Apparently it wasn't talking to the network and he was going to skip it. So I took it apart, nothing obvious, plugged it in, got a network link light, tcpdumped and discovered it was DHCPing. Er. Ok then. This had been tried multiple times previously by David. Go figure.

Now all I need is for my Philips DECT 511 to finish charging so I can play with it as a VOIP handset. I'm hoping it might be nicer than the Grandstream 101 I have, which Just Works, but cordless would be nice. Also I noticed it has a pad of 9 pins on the base station, and a similar set on the handset on the battery. Wonder if there's anything neat that can be done with that. Google doesn't show anything that looks hopeful unfortunately. Too many things to take apart, not enough hours in the day.