Gin Fizz

Adapted from a recipe in the Guardian or something. I changed all the quantities, anyhow; all I kept was the ingredients. There are thousands of ways to make a gin fizz, but I like this one. I like to taste the gin as well as the lemon juice, because I drink gin for its taste as well as its make-fall-over capabilities, so there is a fairly high proportion of alcohol in this. Be aware that the quantities given below total nearly two units of alcohol per serving, and use with care.

Makes about 300ml (including the ice) - serves 2

Mix the lemon juice, gin, sugar and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously until the sugar is mostly dissolved - at least 30 seconds.

Divide contents of cocktail shaker between two glasses - ice and all. Top up with chilled soda water, stir briefly, and serve.


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