So many ways to cook potatoes. I've recently discovered that they're pretty nice steamed. I steam them in my housemate's electric steamer for about 40 minutes.

Mashed potato

A couple of things I've done to jazz up mashed potato:

Steamed potatoes, broccoli and garlic, all mashed together with some celery salt and a bit of soya margarine. The potatoes were steamed for 35 minutes total with the broccoli and some whole, peeled garlic cloves added after 15 minutes. Very tasty.

Mashed potato with roasted garlic. One way to do this would be just to mash some roast garlic in with the cooked potatoes. There are several ways to roast garlic. One is to take off all the papery white skin, but don't separate or peel the cloves. Wrap the whole bulb in some tin foil, and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes or until it's soft. Leave to cool, then squeeze the pulp out of the cloves. Another way is to roast peeled garlic cloves as normal with roasted veg and then pick out the cloves and use the vegetables separately.

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