Filtermail is a mail client to allow people to filter their messages based on the headers of the message and decide whether to delete, leave or collect them.

At the moment only POP3 is supported but it should be easy to incorporate IMAP support.

It has two separate parts.

It seems to work, for some (reasonably unaspiring) values of work. It needs a lot of testing and a lot more ideas.

I plan to add a threading feature to allow you to delete, leave or get by thread as well as everything else. I need a plan to cope with leaving messages on the server (although it is not intended to work with people who do this all the time).

Change of plan

Originally this started out as a hack to fetchmail which I still have a round somewhere (mail m eif you'd like it). Fetchmail is so evil to hack and perl so nice that this will be written in perl and called filtermail. This is effectively the pre-releases which might work. Maybe.

So far...

This will be distributed according to the GNU Public License and is being developed by Simon Huggins.


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