Outside the fold

Jun 28, 2006 / 0 comments

I'd like another one like that, please.

Jun 26, 2006 / 0 comments

Good things about the weekend:

  • Discovering KLM's internet check-in.
  • The fact I can walk from home to the airport in about half an hour.
  • Getting upgraded to a Penthouse Suite for no extra charge due to the hotel overbooking.
  • Finally getting to go to the Heineken Experience (I'm a beer bottle!)
  • Checking in for the flight home at the automated terminal with just my passport (I'd forgotten to print out my ticket details and was worried I was going to have to go and find some net access to get them).
  • And of course, having a nice weekend with some good friends.

On the flip side I only actually saw Andy (the reason I was in Amsterdam at all) for a few hours thanks to a combination of BA delaying his flight for over 2 hours and my body deciding at 2am that it was really time to wander back to the hotel and sleep.

There's no point signing email with an unpublished PGP key.

Jun 22, 2006 / 0 comments

I got some bounces today from Nationwide (no doubt spam backscatter), but the interesting thing about them was that they were PGP signed. Some digging reveals that Nationwide seem to sign their outgoing mail, which is nice to see. Further digging fails to find any nationwide.co.uk keys on pgp.net, keyserver.net or pgp.com. Well that's useful, isn't it? They're not the only people who do this - I regularly see posts to mailing lists that are signed but the key isn't available. Why bother signing mails if your public key isn't out there? It doesn't really give the impression you understand why you're signing things.

Stupid birds

Jun 21, 2006 / 0 comments

I've just had a pigeon (I think) fly into my study window, making a rather large bang, and then fly off again. It's the first time I've notice this large a bird do it, but there have been several instances of something sparrow like doing the same. At first I thought it was some kids throwing something at it, until I managed to actually see the bird flying off again afterwards.

Are their magnetic direction sensors adversely affected by all the technology in this room perhaps? :)

ndisc_send_redirect: not a neighbour

Jun 20, 2006 / 0 comments

Google's not very helpful about this one. If your Linux kernel is spewing this message then you no doubt have IPv6 configured and have a route via a global address rather than a link-local address. I think this should only affect machines that are being used to forward IPv6 packets for other hosts. Anyway, replacing the route to a global IP with a link-local one should make the log message magically go away.

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