My GrubML stuff

Why bother with GrubML?

Once upon a time I looked for an XML representation of recipes and I came across something which had a license so severe that I'm not allowed to mention its name here without obeying their odious conditions.
So I created this instead.

It's far from perfect I'm sure but I'm quite happy to maintain it if you have additions.

If you want to use it then please do. If you actually want me to think about properly licensing it then I guess I will though I'm not quite sure how you license something you want to be a standard.

In any case if you have recipes you would like to be in XML format then please feel free to nab any bits you want in order to do so.

At some point I'll probably get around to putting some of my recipes on the web but I haven't yet.

Oh and I know the CSS makes it look ugly - the idea was to highlight all the different parts not to make it look pretty. If you have better CSS files for me then please get in touch


grub.xml should just render from XML into HTML+CSS via the XSLT which is also here on recent IE and Mozilla. Don't know about other browsers but it /should/ work on everything that claims to do client side XSLT.

Simon Huggins <>
Sun Aug 17 11:03:25 BST 2003
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