The future's bright. The future's a strange shade of blue.

Hello. This is the webpage of Simon Huggins however I'm not the one with the .com domain of the same name so if you meant him try his site ;)

Lots of this is old, unloved and appalling HTML. Sorry. Welcome to the web.

If you are bored you can always email me (though I expect people to remove some of those bits before the @ really otherwise dspam'll probably junk your mail)

Random Stuff

My gpg key (if that doesn't work try starting from the's pgp_lookup page and search for 0xDF5CE2B4 )

I revoked key D77ECD47 and here is the certificate

I wrote a gnokii-6210-7110-IrDA (deliberately no longer a link) and it was improved to become gnokii-IrDA-Linux by Manfred Jonsson.
The copy in CVS/tarballs of gnokii is more authoritative.

I wrote an XML representation of recipes

Last updated: Thu 21 Sep 10:26:48 BST 2017

At some point I'll make this all fluffy and use XHTML and so on but at the moment I can't really be bothered. If it doesn't validate please tell me.
This site is powered by vim and several thousand gnomes which make up Simon Huggins.