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WindowMaker has a handy utility built in that lets you specify that a docked panel item needs to be passed some parameters after being clicked on. For exmaple, quake +connect %a (or something like it) will put up a little dialog box for you to type in the IP address of a quake server before launching quake. But, if you don't have windowmaker I didn't know how this could be achieved easily.

Dothis is a quick hack in gtk to copy the %a in windowmaker. Something like this should probably be done using tcl/tk, but it was good practice for me.



Do what you want with it. I use it with tin -g for alternate news servers. It can be handy to call it from the gnome or kde panel. It's only really nice feature is that it remembers where you last left it, in case you're an anal windowdresser. Have fun.


Dothis is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Toby Jaffey.


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