Toby Jaffey

Toby Jaffey is studying Computer Science at Nottingham University


Here is a list of software that has been written by Toby Jaffey for Project Purple
Fireworks A mini fireworks display in ncurses Linux
gg A graphical guestbook for the web Java and PHP3
Drawtool Vector graphics produced with the mouse or through scripting, outputting to Postscript, bitmaps and X Linux (GTK)
Droplet Drag and click to drop ripple patterns onto a canvas. Linux (GTK)
Do this A simple customisable panel Linux (GTK)
Floating Head Make a head float around your desktop. Linux (GTK)
Hex A Puzzle Bobble clone. Linux (GTK)
Missile A Missile Command clone. Linux (GTK)
NCPicView NCurses Picture Viewer (bitmaps). Linux
Nibbles A Nibbles clone in NCurses. Linux
Quick Button Graphical program launcher Linux (GTK)
Squidge Client/Server "game" - ability for AI clients Linux
Ski Console skiing game Linux
Biomorphs Evolve your own tree Java

Future Projects

Anemometer - A low cost approach to this project, suitable for use in schools or by individuals.

Logo interpreter - Toby is going to fix his logo interpreter for drawtool.

Random stuff


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