[sisela] ndiswrapper

Martin Ling martin-sisela at earth.li
Sun Jun 4 01:20:08 BST 2006

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 07:28:40PM +0100, Larry Cohen wrote:
> I have just downloaded sisela-0.3. It boots perfectly on the old
> hardware I want to use. Only one problem - no ndiswrapper. Don't want
> to buy a new wireless card and the one I have is broadcom based.

If it's a 43xx chipset then you may be able to use the Linux driver from
http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/, which would probably be much less hassle to
build in than ndiswrapper.

> Can anyone advise an easy way to add that to the CD version (the
> floppy would be better). I would like to avoid building from scratch,
> if possible.

You've got to build from source to add your own drivers. The kernel in
the Sisela releases does not support module loading.

Anyway, if you have the option of CD booting there may be other,
actively maintained CD distributions which would be better suited.
Sisela was primarly intended as a solution which would fit on a floppy,
with the CD version being an easy-to-add afterthought.


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