[sisela] ndiswrapper

jmh2 jmh2 at nei.mv.com
Thu Jun 1 00:25:11 BST 2006


  I used sisela to download over a nearby wireless like with Prism 2 cards
a while ago. I was able to recompile 0.2 to add ftp and a few other things
to busybox. I haven't tried to use ndiswrapper myself, but can tell you
that if you can find a prism2 card, sisela on floppy works great.

  After I recompiled it, it would no longer fit on a 1.4meg floppy so I
put it on a 1.7meg formatted one. Worked very well. I could use almost the
whole 1 gbyte hard disk for downloading linux ISOs one at a time. 

  I would download, store on HD, take the cheap laptop to work, ftp to a
box with a ROM burner and finally burn whatever "new" linux distribution. 

  I still use a prism2 card with PCI adapter on an old e-machines pentium
that now has a much bigger drive and both a CD and a DVD burner. I use
either damnsmall linux or knoppix 3.4/3.6. 

  If your box can boot off USB, I would consider damnsmalllinux and boot
either floppy->USB or directly USB if your bios supports it. Ndiswrapper
is known by me to work on both distributions (both debian based).

  I have used it with the linksys USB 802.11b adapter, but after a time
that adapter seems to need rebooting? If I knew ARM7 better I would fix it
in my copious spare time ;-) 

  good luck.

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